17th Century New England, with special emphasis on the Salem Witchcraft Trials

A 17th Century Colonial New England Bibliography

This is a sometimes-annotated bibliography of the books in my personal reference library as I research 17th century colonial New England. There are a lot about the Salem witch-hunt, Puritan thought, and Anglo-Indian contact, but also a few odds and ends that make sense to me to have on hand. Please note: I do not lend books. To anyone. Most of these titles can be borrowed from any good public or university library. If you want to purchase a copy of any of these titles, I have included direct links to Amazon.com for all but a handful of out-of-print or hard-to-find local imprint titles. To print out the whole bibliography, please use the printer-friendly version to save paper.

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  1. Winslow, Edward. Good Newes from New England: A True Relation of Things Very Remarkable at the Plantation of Plimoth in New England. First published in 1624. Applewood Books: Bedford, MA. 1996. Order from Amazon.com

  2. Winslow, Ola Elizabeth. Samuel Sewall of Boston: A biography of Chief Justice Samuel Sewall -- magistrate, churchman, judge, and merchant of Colonial Boston. MacMillan: New York. 1964. Order from Amazon.com

  3. Wood, William. New England's Prospect. Originally published in 1634 by John Bellamie, London. University of Massachusetts: Amherst, MA. 1972. Order from Amazon.com

  4. Woodward, W. Eliot, ed.. Records of Salem Witchcraft, copied from the Original Documents. Two volumes in one. Originally published in Roxbury, MA in two volumes in 1864 and 1865 as volumes I & II of Woodward's Historical Series. DaCapo Press: New York. 1969.

  5. Wright, John Hardy. Sorcery in Salem. Arcadia: Portsmouth, NH. 1999. Order from Amazon.com

    An interesting book about both the events in 1692 and the cultural phenomenon that is "Salem" -- lots of images
  6. Wrightsman, Lawrence S., and Kassin, Saul M.. Confessions in the Courtroom. Sage Publications: Newbury Park, CA. 1993. Order from Amazon.com

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