17th Century New England, with special emphasis on the Salem Witchcraft Trials

A 17th Century Colonial New England Bibliography

This is a sometimes-annotated bibliography of the books in my personal reference library as I research 17th century colonial New England. There are a lot about the Salem witch-hunt, Puritan thought, and Anglo-Indian contact, but also a few odds and ends that make sense to me to have on hand. Please note: I do not lend books. To anyone. Most of these titles can be borrowed from any good public or university library. If you want to purchase a copy of any of these titles, I have included direct links to Amazon.com for all but a handful of out-of-print or hard-to-find local imprint titles. To print out the whole bibliography, please use the printer-friendly version to save paper.

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  1. Starkey, Marion L.. The Devil in Massachusetts: A Modern Enquiry into the Salem Witch Trials. Doubleday: New York. 1949. Order from Amazon.com

    Starkey's account is one of the best-known tellings of the tale, although it is now considered dated and full of inaccuracies.
  2. Stryker-Rodda, Harriet. Understanding Colonial Handwriting. Genealogical Publishing Co.: Baltimore, MD. 1986. Order from Amazon.com

    A booklet introducing the basics of the handwriting. Not the most extensive work, but a start.
  3. Tannenbaum, Samuel A.. The Handwriting of the Renaissance, Being the Development and Characteristics of the Script of Shakspere's Time. Columbia University Press: New York. 1931.

    A fabulous book for anyone who has to decipher early handwriting and the many unusual forms of letters, numbers, and punctuation.
  4. Tapley, Charles Sutherland. Rebecca Nurse: Saint but Witch Victim. Marshall Jones: Boston. 1930.

    Sentimental local publication about Rebecca Nurse.
  5. Taylor, Dale. The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in Colonial America From 1607-1783. Writer's Digest Books: Cincinatti, OH. 1997. Order from Amazon.com

  6. Taylor, John M.. The Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut 1647-1677. Originally published in 1908 by The Grafton Press. Corner House: Williamstown, MA. 1974. Order from Amazon.com

  7. Terkel, Susan Neiburg. Colonial American Medicine. Franklin Watts: New York. 1993. Order from Amazon.com

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