17th Century New England, with special emphasis on the Salem Witchcraft Trials

A 17th Century Colonial New England Bibliography

This is a sometimes-annotated bibliography of the books in my personal reference library as I research 17th century colonial New England. There are a lot about the Salem witch-hunt, Puritan thought, and Anglo-Indian contact, but also a few odds and ends that make sense to me to have on hand. Please note: I do not lend books. To anyone. Most of these titles can be borrowed from any good public or university library. If you want to purchase a copy of any of these titles, I have included direct links to Amazon.com for all but a handful of out-of-print or hard-to-find local imprint titles. To print out the whole bibliography, please use the printer-friendly version to save paper.

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  1. Hall, Michael G.. The Last American Puritan: The Life of Increase Mather. Wesleyan: Hanover, NH. 1988. Order from Amazon.com

    A terrific biography of Rev. Increase Mather
  2. Hansen, Chadwick. Witchcraft at Salem. Brazillier: New York. 1969. Order from Amazon.com

    Hansen takes the tack that witchcraft did in fact exist in colonial New England, although most of it was "white" witchcraft. He also takes pains to point out Calef's "insolence" toward the Mathers.
  3. Haskins, George Lee. Law and Authority in Early Massachusetts: A Study in Tradition and Design. MacMillan: New York. 1960. Order from Amazon.com

  4. Hawke, David Freeman. Everyday Life in Early America. Harper: New York. 1988. Order from Amazon.com

  5. Hayes, Kevin J.. A Colonial Woman's Bookshelf. University of Tennessee: Knoxville, TN. 1996. Order from Amazon.com

  6. Herman, Judith. Trauma and Recovery: The aftermath of violence -- from domestic abuse to political terror. Harper Collins: New York. 1997. Order from Amazon.com

    This book is not specifically about the hysteria in Salem in 1692, but is about Post-Traumatic Stress and hysteria by a psychologist, which could prove useful for anyone interested in a psycho-analytical perspective on the "afflicted."
  7. Heyrman, Christine Leigh. Commerce and Culture: The Maritime Communities of Colonial Massachusetts, 1690-1750. Norton: New York. 1984. Order from Amazon.com

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