17th Century New England, with special emphasis on the Salem Witchcraft Trials

Witch-Hunting in Early New Hampshire

George Burroughs

Rev. George Burroughs of Wells, ME, was accused, arrested, tried, and executed for the crime of witchcraft in Salem, MA, in 1692. What's the New Hampshire connection? The arrest warrant charged John Partridge of Portsmouth, NH, Field Marshall of New Hampshire and Maine, with the task of apprehending the accused.

My Transcription of The Arrest Warrant

To Jno Partredg ffield Marshal

You are Required in their Majsts names to aprehend the body of mr George Buroughs at present preacher at Wells in the provence of Maine, & Convay him with all Speed to Salem before the Magestrates there, to be Examened, he being Suspected for a Confederacy with the Devil in opresing of Sundry about Salem as they related. I haveing Receved perticuler Order from the Governr & Council of their Majsts Colony of Masathusets, for the Same, you may not faile here in. Dated in portsmouth in the provenc of Hamshire, Aprel . 30th . 1692 .

*Elisha Hutchinson* Majr

By Virtue of this warrant I Apprehended sd George Burroughs and haue Brought him to Salem and Deliuered him to the Authority there this fourth day of May 1692

*John Partidge* field
marshall of the Prouins
of new hansher and maine.

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