17th Century New England, with special emphasis on the Salem Witchcraft Trials

Salem Quarterly Court Records and Files

June 1684

p. 258

Francis Nurse v. James Allin, minster. For not making good a parcel of land. Nonsuited.

Writ: Francis Nurse of Salem v. Mr. James Allen, minister of the First Church, Boston; for not making good a parcel of land of 300 acres, as per deed dated Apr. 29. 1678, lying in Salem near Crane river, on account of which he was damaged 69li. 10 s. according to appraisel, the land being taken from him by Mr. Zernbabell Endicot, as appears by return, Oct. 2, 1679, of the General Court committee; dated June 18, 1684; signed by John Hathorne, * assistant; and served by Joseph Webb, * marshall, by attachment of the house of defendant.

Summons, dated June 18, 1684, to the Rev. James Allen, minister of the First Church of Boston, for appearance, signed by John Hathorne, * assistant.

* autograph

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