17th Century New England, with special emphasis on the Salem Witchcraft Trials

Salem Quarterly Court Records and Files

June 1684

p. 247

John Flood, attorney to Mr. James Allen minister of Boston v. Francis Nurse. Debt. Verdict for plaintiff.

Writ: Capt. John Floyd, attorney to Mr. James Allin, minister in Boston v. Franics Nuiirse of Salem; for 42li. for six years' rent of the farm he now lives upon in Salem; dated May 31.1684; signed by John Fuller, * for the court and town of Lynn; and served by Henery Skerry, * marshal.

Copy of mortgage deed, dated Apr. 29, 1678, given by Francis (his mark) Nurse of Salem, yeoman, to Mr. James Allen of Boston, minister, for 400 li., to be paid, with yearly rental, before May 1, 1699; he was to pay yearly rent of 7li. for the first 12 years, 10li. for the last nine years. Wit: Isaack Addington and Eleazer Philips. Acknowledged Apr. 29, 1678, before Edward Tyng, assistant. Recorded in Suffolk county, May 29, 1678, liber 11, page 11, by Isa. Addington, * cleric. Indorsed: Rec. of Good. Nurse's rent of ye first year in may 1st 79-4li.; part payment, May 1, '80, 5 li. 5 s.; part payment: '81, 5li. 5s.; part payment, '82, 5li. 5s.; part payment '83, 5li. 17s. Copy of indorsements made by Benja. Gerrish, * cleark.

John Williams' bill of cost, 9s. 6d.

Benjamin Frankland's bill of cost, 8s.

"The 27th of the 11th mo 1636.

"Its ordered that John Woodbury & Capt Trask & John Baulch shall lay out two Hundreed acres of land for Mr Endicot next adjoying the land which was formerly granted him. Salem, Febru. 23d 1682-3. pr John Hathorne, * who write this Copy from Salem Records."

Letter of attorney, dated Apr. 6, 1681, given by James Allen, ** minister of Boston, to Capt. John Floyd of Rumney Marsh, to recover from Mr. Nathaniel Putnam and Mr. Jospeh Holton all interest he had in Bishop's farm in Salem. Wit: Humphrey Davie, * assistant.

Letter of attorney, dated May 21, 1684, given by James Allen ** minister of Boston, to Capt. John Floyd, to receive rent from Francis Nurse of Salem. Wit: Isa Addington * Ackowledged, May 21, 1684, before Elisha Cooke, * assistant.

* autograph
** autograph and seal

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