17th Century New England, with special emphasis on the Salem Witchcraft Trials

(Petition of Phillip English et al.)

To his Excelency the Governor and the Honorable Counsell and Generall Asembly for the Province of the Massatusetts Bay in New England Conven'd. at Boston May 25th 1709 The Humble Adress and Motion of Several of the Inhabitants of the s'd Province some of which had their near Relations Either Parents or others who suffered Death in the Dark and Dollfull times that past over this province in the Year 1692 under the suposition and in that Gloumy Day by Some (thought prov'd) of Being Guilty of witchcraft w'ch we have all the Reson in the world to hope and beleive they were Inocent off, and others of us that Either our selves or some of our Relations have Been Imprison'd impared and Blasted in our Reputations and Estates by Reson of the same. its not our Intent Neither Do we Reflect on the Judges or Jurors Concern'd in those Sorrowfull tryals whome we hope #[and beleive] Did that w'ch they thought was Right in that hour of Darkness. but that w'ch we move and pray for is that You Would Pleas to pass some sutable Acts as in Your Wisdom You may think meet and proper that shall (so far as may be) Restore the Reputations to the Posterity of the suffurers and Remunerate them as to what they have been Damnified in their Estates therby we Do not Without Remors and greif Recount these sorrowfull things But we Humbly Conceive that we are Bound in Consience and Duty to god and to our selves Relatives and posterity and Country Humbly to make this Motion praying God to Direct You in this and all Your Weighty Consultations.

We subscribe Your sorrowfull and Distrest Supliants

philip English
Isack Estev sen
Benjamin Procter
John Procter
Thorndik Procter
George Jacobs
John Tarbell
John Parker
Joseph Parker
John Johnson
Francis Faulkner
Isaac Estey
Joseph esty
Samuel Nurs
Benjamin Nurs
john preston
Samuel Nurs ju

(Reverse) Original petion

(Mass. Archives Vol. 135 No. 111)

from The Salem Witchcraft Papers, pp. 972-973

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