17th Century New England, with special emphasis on the Salem Witchcraft Trials

(Letter of Thirty-four Victims and Relatives)

Whereas we the subscribers are Informed that His Excellency the Governour: Honorable Council, and Generall assembly of this province have been pleased to hear Our Supplication and answer our Prayer in passing an act in favour of us respecting our Reputations and Estates: Which we humbly and gratefully acknowledge.

And inasmuch as it would be Chargeble and Troublesome for all or many of us to goe to Boston on this affair: - Wherefore we have and do Authorize. and Request our Trusty Freind the Worshipfule Stephen Sewall Esq'r: To procure us a Coppy of the said act, and to doe what may be further proper and necessary for the reception of what is allowed us and to take and receive the same for us and to Transact any other Thing referring to the Premises oil our Behalf that may be requisite or Convenient.

Essex. December 1711.

John Eames in behalfe of his mother Rebecca Eames
*Abigail Faulkner
Samuel Preston oil behalf of his wife Sarah Preston
Samuel Osgood on behalf of his mother mary osgood
Nathaniel Dane
Joseph Wilson
Samuel Wardwell
John Wright
Ebenezer Barker
Francis Johnson oil behalf of his mother, Brother & sister Elizabeth
Joseph Emerson on behalf of his wife Martha Emerson of Haverhill
Ephraim Willdes
John moulton on behalf of his wife Elizabeth the daughter of Giles Coree who suferd
Robert Pease on behalf of his wife
Armies King on behalf of hir mother
Doarcas hoare
Willem town
*Samuel nurs
*Jacob estei
*Edward Bishop
*Charles Burrough eldest son [ ]
*John Barker
Lawrence Lacy
Abraham Foster
John Parker
Joseph Parker the sons of mary Parker deceased.
John Marston
Thomas Carrier
*John Frie
Mary Post
*John Johnson in behalf of his mother Rebecca Johnson& his sister
William Barker sen'r
*G eorge Jacob on behalfe of his father who sufferd
*Thorndik Procter oil behalfe of his father John Procter who suffered
*Benjamin.Procter son of the aboves'd

(Reverse) psons Authorizing me to Transact the Matter about the money

9- 8-0
2- 6-0

(Essex County Archives, Salem - Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 64)

from The Salem Witchcraft Papers, pp. 1018-1019

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